Helping First-Time Writers
become Published Authors

Coaching you through every step of the author journey. 

one soulful story to a better world
Workbooks & Courses

Coaching First-Time Writers
through their Author Journey

Workbooks & Courses

Burning Soul Collective is fueled by passionate creatives & aspiring authors using stories, words, and talent to change the world.

We provide coaching in book writing and give you a guided path so that you know exactly the steps it takes to become a professional, published author. If you resonate with a more empowered and soul-reflecting approach to one of the most important things you can do (write a book and share your story with the world), you're in the right place. At the core of all that we do is our Soulful Author framework, a deeply introspective and creative journey through reflection, planning, creation, and impact to bring powerful books to life from concept to completion.


 For those ready to write their first book and receive step-by-step guidance to fulfill their vision of becoming an author, this is the most comprehensive program we have. It will help you jump into the author life with confidence, guiding you through the stages of writing, publishing, and promoting in order to achieve all of your book dreams. 


The next group of aspiring authors begins September 1.

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My life's purpose is to capture as many authentic stories as possible to inspire and empower others while creating powerful movements that generate lifetimes of positive change. The best part about running a soul-driven business is that we can create programs that accomplish exactly that. Every program and service we have is intentionally designed to help first-time writers through their author journey... 


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