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We get it. You love the writing, not the promoting. The problem is, they're equally important parts of your author career. 

The Burning Soul Press team is dedicated to helping our authors succeed. Over time, we have developed proven strategies, best practices, and insights that make a difference for our authors. 

We thought, "Why isn't there one straightforward resource for authors to access all of this information?"

So, we created it.

The M.A.P. is designed to

  • provide helpful ideas, tactics, support, and resources to aid in your promotion and engagement efforts
  • relieve the stress of planning and strategy from month to month
  • maintain your focus on promotion in a motivating and helpful "reminder"
  • support ongoing learning and improvement as an author in this ever-growing and -changing industry

Delivered in a manageable action list, authors receive new & fresh content MONTHLY for the following: 

  • social media post ideas for each day of each month you're subscribed (which means 28-31 prompts per month!), including national and book-, reader-, and author-relevant holidays
  • public relations tips and tricks so that you know how to extend the reach of your book
  • newsletter suggestions associated with monthly themes to kickstart your newsletter
  • book marketing insights to elevate your promotions efforts
  • awards & competitions with upcoming deadlines to apply for to build your portfolio
  • publishing advice, even after your launch to stay on top of industry news and ideas
  • a new writing prompt each month to keep the creativity flowing in your writing
  • a monthly challenge to push yourself to the next level of being a successful author
  • BONUS for Annual Subscribers Only: Get 12 months for less than the price of 10 months and save $20. 
  • BONUS for Annual Subscribers Only: Receive a FREE digital copy of the Burning Soul Press Goal Setting Guide for authors. This guide is a fillable or printable PDF you can use to create meaningful and measurable goals for your author career.
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Take a load off.
Let us take on the planning and strategy, so you can focus on the creative tasks you love, create more time for writing, and make the impact you always dreamt of. 
Examples of What's Included
It can be very advantageous to partner up with social media influencers who share your audience. You goal is to have them post on their page(s) about your book or your message and tag you.
If you don't know where to start, here are a few ideas. The main goal is to find a way you can provide value to them:
  • Can you share some of your content their followers would benefit from/find interest in? (Think: developing a series of informational posts with tips from your book they can share on their page or doing a newsletter or blog swap)
  • Is there a way you can help them increase engagement on their page? (Think: book giveaways or doing a live on Facebook and Instagram)
  • You can always ask them if there's something they're looking for in a partner that you can provide, but it's great to come to them with some ideas, too.

Daily Social Media Post Ideas Customized to Each Month

Subscribe to Monthly M.A.P.s for only $10 per month
or Buy 12 M.A.P.s (One Full Year) for only $99