The Luminary Author Mentorship

For those who know this author life is just part of their greater impact and purpose and no longer want to play small.

The program for authors desiring to make the most inspiring impact with their story, message, book, & life.


The power of collaboration and energy of a small group of impact-driven peers led by the experience and success of innovative authors paving life-changing journeys and making a living doing what they love the most: writing and sharing their stories. 


When you know your book can be more than just a book, you want to do everything "right" to make it successful. But the journey to get there contains many steps and options, and sometimes it feels impossible for one person to know how to do everything perfectly—especially if it's your first time.

The Luminary Author Mentorship was designed for the authors and aspiring authors who know their message and story  goes deeper than just a book–it's part of their purpose here in this world. They want to write as much as they want to take action, lifting their mission to a new level to inspire and empower as many people as possible.

As a Luminary, you'll join a creatively-inspired space to write, receive feedback on your writing, learn about publishing tactics that achieve success, gain insights on strategies to connect with your audience, and turn your passion into profit. And these are just the tip of the iceberg. You'll be more confident in each decision you make, trusting you are gearing up to make the impact you've dreamt of, and being presented with innovative solutions and exciting, new possibilities in your author path that never crossed your mind before. 

Many authors will spend hours falling into rabbit holes of research, attempting to mirror the results of other authors that post their wins in Facebook groups, or losing money in trial and error methods that won't work for them. (We've been there!) Every author path is different, and there is not a one-size-fits-all plan.

Besides, you didn't start writing to have to worry about the hidden components that compose successful authors; you wrote because you had a story to share with the world, and you knew it was time. (It is time!)

In the Luminary Author Mentorship program, you have your very own team of book mentors who truly care about you and your book's success to help you every step of the way. Pair that with a supportive and encouraging small group brainstorming and collaborating with you throughout the program, and you will feel unstoppable as you progress toward your goals. Authors in the Luminary Mentorship can rest assured knowing every moment they spend with their book is productive and impactful, so they can do it right the first time, enjoy the ride, and the fruits of their work.

If you are seriously committed to making a difference in this world through your book and want to protect your energy so you can focus on what you love doing the most, this program is for you. Our goal is to simply make it easier by providing the support and guidance you need as you launch this incredible venture and chase your dreams.

Luminary Mentorship

 For those who know this author life is just part of their greater impact and purpose and no longer want to play small.

With the Luminary Author Mentorship program, you have the power of a like-minded small group in collaboration with Lauren and other inspiring authors who have achieved major milestones and success, supporting you and helping you fully step into your vision of what you want to accomplish through your writing and story sharing. Whether desiring more focused time for writing, learning how to publish and market your book for impact, or turning your book into a course or your creative passion into profit, the intimate mentorship, idea incubators, expert speakers, and peer support, will propel you to reach every goal you set and elevate you to the next level of success.

This is only for the authors or aspiring authors who are completely dedicated to elevating their author path and making a big difference in 2023 and beyond. This program requires a significant time investment to your author goals to get the most out of it. Only up to 25 authors will be accepted to maintain a synergized small group and receive individualized support.


Included in the program:

  • Three 4-day retreats per year in Nashville, TN, focused on learning new ways to increase your author impact with powerful guest speakers and time for brainstorming, problem solving, and writing with the group (a $4,500 value)

  • Twice per month small group coaching calls on Zoom for hot seat opportunities, accountability, and to overcome problems or obstacles that may arise during the author journey (a $5,500 value)

  • One private coaching session with Lauren per month via Zoom to talk through your manuscript, business plans, and/or goals and  receive guidance and feedback (a $6,000 value)

  • The option to submit your manuscript in the 12-month program for developmental editing, line editing, and proofreading (a $5,000 value)

  • A community of like-minded writers achieving similar goals to you to keep you motivated and encouraged every step of the way
  • Three cohorts (36 weeks) of the Live Soulful Author Journey program that you can participate in at no extra cost (a $4500 value)

  • Step-by-step self publishing guidance and templates to bring your book to life in a way that truly fits your vision

  • Customizable marketing and promotion plans, so you can see how to get your book into the hands of the readers who need it the most 

  • Guidance and education on how to turn your creative passion into a profitable purpose. 


Package Price: 
A $3,000 deposit and 12 payments of $1,000 for the 12 month program
or a one-time payment of $12,000 (save $3,000). 

Starts January 2023 and is limited to no more than 25 people.


Interested? Book a Journey call to chat with Lauren and learn more. 
*Please only book a Journey Call if this is a time and financial investment in yourself you can make or email [email protected] for more information.  

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Retreat Information: 

Retreats will be held in Nashville, TN on the following dates: 

February 15th - 18th

June 21st - 24th 

October 18th - 21st

Venues will be announced to the mentorship attendees before each retreat. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, and any associated BSC-hosted events will be included in the Luminary Author Mentorship program membership. Any hotel accommodations or travel fees are excluded. Mentorship events will include writing time, dynamic expert guest speakers, community building, brainstorming, hot seats, and special events. Although the retreats are optional, they are highly recommended to attend to receive the most out of the program and connect with other group members (you may find your next business partner!). 

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“Lauren Eckhardt and Burning Soul Press made the journey of writing my memoir possible. She is a wonderful coach and encourager. The hundreds of hours we’ve spent crying and laughing together over the past year will always be some of my favorite memories.”

-Gina Defa, Best-Selling Author of "The Parakeet Drawing"

“I’ve never felt so supported and taken care of in going all in chasing my dreams. Every single member of the Burning Soul Press team has made an impact. I want to thank Burning Soul Press for the support in helping me find avenues to reach out with this message. I appreciate you all very much.” 

-Jennifer Hobbs, #1 Best Selling Author of "Calmed."

"As I look back I see so much I would never have thought of doing, and so much I would not have known how to do, were I publishing this book independently. I am extremely grateful that Lauren Eckhardt came into my life when and as she did, and helped me to feel the confidence that I could and should share this book with others. When a publisher can be businesslike and still leave no doubt that you are also a friend, you know you are in the right place. And I have been floored by the advocacy and support I have received from each one of Lauren's team. To everyone who contributed to this launch, my thanks." 

-Marcia Nathai-Balkissoon, Author of "Lighting the Path"


About Lauren Eckhardt: 

Lauren is an award-winning and bestselling author, ghostwriter, and book coach. She is also the founder and CEO of Burning Soul Collective and is an advocate for determined and passionate writers who listen to their soul’s calling and the number one cheerleader for our authors. Lauren founded Burning Soul Collective in 2020, after 12 years in the human resources field, to work with aspiring and career authors in pursuit of sharing a powerful and deeply impactful story or message.

She is passionate about ensuring people feel truly seen, heard, and understood and accepted as their most authentic self. 

Lauren has coached hundreds of writers to step into their author dream and publish books they are proud of. 

"Your entire life journey chips away at what is ultimately your soul's message, your deeper purpose in this world. Once you align with that, you become unstoppable. We help you with the tools to tackle it with confidence, impacting your readers for generations to come."

-Lauren Eckhardt, CEO & Founder, Burning Soul Press


Take control of your life's legacy today.



Becoming a Luminary is not only about the journey of the soul, but the entire journey of becoming an author that changes lives with your story, message, and impact. 



Kenneth Nixon Jr.

Lauren's editing skills and one on one coaching conversations have been nothing short of amazing. She helped me to develop my book in ways that I hadn't even considered - her guidance and input were invaluable. Our conversations were gloriously 75% randomness, 10% sarcasm, and 15% about my book, and yet she still managed to show me a whole new outlook. Lauren has become like family to me, so she is stuck with me lol. I'm so grateful for the help she has given me with my book. Thank you Lauren - you are truly amazing!