Book Ghostwriting Services


Hire a ghostwriter who can capture and flesh out your book idea so there are no more barriers to getting it out into the world.


Writing a book is hard work.

Many people have wonderful ideas and powerful stories to share, but they don't have the time, energy, or know-how to fully flesh out the book.

Great book ideas die all the time for that reason.


Ghostwriting is a service that takes the ideas and stories of the client and transforms them into books that fit the client's authentic vision, tone, and vision. It is best for clients who have a very specific idea or concept for a book and are willing to provide the ghostwriter with the information and stories they need to be able to write the client's book in the timeline set.

We receive more requests than we can fulfill for ghostwriting. Many are projects that we want to help with, but do not have the capacity to take on. It's why we created the Luminous Ghostwriter Certification program. Our vision is to train other ghostwriters on how to launch a successful ghostwriting business using the framework and procedures that we use at Burning Soul Collective. We want to have a trusted source of ghostwriters we can refer clients to as the requests come in. 

When working with a Luminous Ghostwriter In Training, you receive the same Burning Soul Collective writing + publishing at a discounted price. 

Burning Soul Collective is currently accepting applications for nonfiction (memoirs, inspirational, self help, and thought leadership) ghostwriting projects. We are offering a special for clients who are willing to allow their ghostwriting projects to be written by one of our Luminous Ghostwriters In Training. These Luminous Ghostwriters are either going through or have passed our certification program and will be guided by Burning Soul Collective on their first project. Please see more details below. 

The Process for Ghostwriting:


Apply below to have your book idea ghostwritten. If we feel it fits our scope and skills, we will schedule a Zoom meeting to gather more information about your project to start the process. Then we will set up a meeting between you and one of our hand-picked Luminous Ghostwriters. If you decide to move forward with them, your project will be completed within 4-6 months (writing and publishing). If you want to meet with a different one before getting started, that's okay too! It's important to feel comfortable with your ghostwriter because there will be a lot of communication and information shared between you two to complete the book writing process. 

Step #1: Establishing Vision & Expectations. We will explore your complete vision and goals for this book, including overall impact and target audience. A timeline will also be set during this step so you know what to expect over the course of the next few months. 

Step #2: Interviews. The Ghostwriter will interview you and gather ideas for the structure of your book and the stories within. They will also use this time to tune into your voice and tone to be able to mirror it as they write your book. The interviews will usually last 2-3 weeks with various meetings. 

Step #3: The Writing Process. After you approve the structure that the the Ghostwriter provides based on the interviews, he or she will begin fully fleshing out your book. This process can take 6-18 weeks, dependent on the length of your book. The ghostwriter will share excerpts of what they're working on at different milestones set out in the timeline.

Step #4: The Rewrite & Refinement Process. The ghostwriter will share the rough draft with you and then work with you on tweaks, including making sure that it sounds like your voice and adding any additional information that you would like to have included. After a second or third draft has been approved, the manuscript will then be polished with proofreading. Once completed, you will sign off on the project. 

Step #5: Publishing is also included as we will set everything up under your name for international print-on-demand distribution with 100% royalties and rights going straight to you. We will also provide you with marketing tools to help you have a successful book launch and start your PR campaign to bring awareness to your book's release.

Ghostwriting is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling writing experiences because it empowers someone else to share their story by removing the barriers of storytelling while fusing an intimate bond between the client and ghostwriter.

About the Luminous Ghostwriting Program Guide: 

Lauren Eckhardt is the CEO and Founder of Burning Soul Collective. An award-winning, and best-selling author and ghostwriter of 12 books and counting, she is passionate about helping purpose-driven people capture their life story in a book-led movement that changes lives. Lauren founded Burning Soul Collective in 2020, after 12 years in the human resources field, to work with aspiring and career authors in pursuit of sharing a powerful and deeply impactful story or message. She is passionate about ensuring people feel truly seen, heard, and understood and accepted as their most authentic self. Lauren is a tree-obsessed, laughing-all-the-time, multi-passionate creative and has fun trying everything—even if she isn’t good at it. Learning how to do anything is one of her favorite hobbies.

Luminous Ghostwriting Investment


For memoirs, inspirational, self-help, or thought leadership books only. 

What's included:

  •  A professionally-produced book (up to 65,000-words) telling your story in your voice (added picture inserts optional)

  • Up to 30 hours of interviews (working with you at various points throughout the project to gather your story)

  • Three consultation calls (initial, mid-point, end product) to walk you through every stage of the process and discuss strategy

  • Up to 15 hours of research to contribute facts and details associated to your story

  • Professional editing and proofreading

  • Interior layout design

  • Full-color book cover selected by you from 5 choices

  • US copyright registration

  • 2-3 ISBNs (one for each format)

  •  Availability on all online retailer platforms in ebook, paperback and hardback (audiobook available for additional $6,000)

  • 50 paperback copies delivered directly to you



Option #1: If you opt to use one of our Luminous Ghostwriters in Training (our ghostwriter certification program), we offer a special ghostwriting fee of only $35,000 while we coach them on your project. 

Option #2: Standard Burning Soul Collective Ghostwriting with Lauren Eckhardt is $85,000.

Apply to the Ghostwriting Program below or use this link.