Luminous Ghostwriter Certification


A program to empower more ghostwriters and bring more stories into the world.

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Writing a book is hard work.

Many people have wonderful ideas and powerful stories to share, but they don't have the time, energy, or know-how to fully flesh out the book.

Great book ideas die all the time for that reason.


Ghostwriting is a service that takes the ideas and stories of the client and transforms them into books that fit the client's authentic vision, tone, and vision. Ghostwriting can be an intimate and powerful process in helping your client fulfill their dream or goals, so should always be taken with as equal care and quality as you would put into your own book. 

We receive more requests than we can fulfill for ghostwriting. Many are projects that we want to help with, but do not have the capacity to take on. It's why we created the Luminous Ghostwriter Certification program. Our vision is to train other ghostwriters on how to launch a successful ghostwriting business using the framework and procedures that we use at Burning Soul Collective. We want to have a trusted source of ghostwriters we can refer clients to as the requests come in. And if you have a passion for writing, telling stories, and helping other people and want to earn a living combining those three interests, the Luminous Ghostwriter Certification program is for you.  

Learn how to successfully launch your ghostwriting business book with recorded modules, live trainings, guides, and worksheets. 

We've taken the proven tactics and strategies that work for ghostwriting at Burning Soul Collective, and compiled them into a detailed resource for ghostwriters to leverage because we want to remove the barriers preventing more stories from entering the world. Every story has a person it was meant for, and we want to make sure those connections are made.

This is a 90-day program to certify ghostwriters who will have the opportunity to be featured certified ghostwriters on the Burning Soul Collective website and will learn:

  • how to write and transform other people’s stories into a powerful book
  • how to launch a successful ghostwriting business and find aligned clients
  • how to earn $35,000+ for projects that are the right fit for you

The deadline has passed to join our cohort. Join our waiting list to see when our next certification program will launch. 

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 What's Inside the Program:

A mix of recorded sessions, live trainings + Q&As, assignments, templates, worksheets to help you pass the certification by April 17th, 2023 (one year from the April 18th start date). 

Section 1: About Ghostwriting

  • How to Communicate the Service to Clients
  • The difference with Co-Authoring, Freelancing, and Business-Based ghostwriting
  • Skills and Responsibilities needed to Ghostwrite 
  • Understanding the Markets
  • Having a Team

Section 2: Ghostwriting Process

  • Setting Expectations & Timelines
  • Understanding the Vision
  • Identifying the Message
  • Creating Outlines & Structures
  • Interviewing Process & Documentation
  • Voice & Tone
  • Research
  • Prewriting, Writing & Rewriting 

Section 3: Protecting You and Your Client

  • Dos and Don'ts in Writing True Stories
  • Contracts
  • Client Signoffs
  • Copyrights & Plagiarism

Section 4: Business Structure

  • Attracting Aligned Clients
  • Pricing & Scope
  • Timelines
  • Legalities
  • Growth 

Section 5: Certification 

  • Certification Preparation 
  • Certification Testing

If you pass the certification within one year of the program's start date, you will have the option to be listed on our website as one of our recommended certified Ghostwriters so we can send clients to you.


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Luminous Ghostwriter Certification Investment

If accepted into the Luminous Ghostwriting Certification program, you will have two primary levels to choose from:

  • Level 1: The certification only gives you access to the modules and live coaching as we cover About Ghostwriting, the Ghostwriting Process, Protecting Your Business, Client Acquisition, and Business Structure with Certification Testing.
    Cost: 3 monthly installments of $397 or a one-time payment of $997 for the beta program

  • Level 2: The certification with 1st project coaching provides a quicker ROI and additional help as we help source your first ghostwriting project (a minimum of $10,000 payout) and coach you through the process so that you don't have to do your first project alone.
    Cost: 3 monthly installments of $797 or a one-time payment of $1,997. 

Apply to the Luminous Certification Program below or use this link.

Ghostwriting is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling writing jobs because it empowers someone else to share their story by removing the barriers of storytelling while fusing an intimate bond between the client and ghostwriter.

About the Instructor: 

Lauren Eckhardt is the CEO and Founder of Burning Soul Collective. An award-winning, and best-selling author and ghostwriter of 12 books and counting, she is passionate about helping purpose-driven people capture their life story in a book-led movement that changes lives. Lauren founded Burning Soul Press in 2020, after 12 years in the human resources field, to work with aspiring and career authors in pursuit of sharing a powerful and deeply impactful story or message. She is passionate about ensuring people feel truly seen, heard, and understood and accepted as their most authentic self. Lauren is a tree-obsessed, laughing-all-the-time, multi-passionate creative and has fun trying everything—even if she isn’t good at it. Learning how to do anything is one of her favorite hobbies.

Put roots down.

5% of your purchase will be donated to One Tree Planted to restore forests, create habitat for biodiversity, and make a positive social impact around the world.