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Our Editing Services


Developmental Edits: With a developmental edit, we review your manuscript to assess structure, flow, completeness, and overall quality. You will receive a one-page (minimum) memo that summarizes our key thoughts, areas of concern, and suggestions for your book. You will also receive high-level mark ups on your manuscript (tracked changes and comments within your manuscript), making note of any structural concerns or questions as we go.

Line Edits: We provide creative feedback on your manuscript. In line editing, We'll focus on your word choice and determine if each sentence achieves your intended impact. Line editing clarifies meaning, eliminates jargon, and ensures each sentence sounds right as the reader experiences your book. 

Copy Edits: Copy editing services include checks for technical consistency in spelling, capitalization, font usage, numerals, hyphenation, and basic fact-checking following the citation or style guide you plan to use. We are extremely familiar with APA, MLA, and Chicago. ​

Proofreading: Simple but comprehensive proofreading of your manuscript. This should be the final step in your editing process. Proofreading includes catching and correcting typos, grammatical errors, POV, tense, and even formatting as the last line of defense before publishing. We are willing to make these changes directly or track the changes based on your preferences. We respect that some authors want to be aware of every change and others just want the service completed so they can move on to the next step.


If you would like a quote, please email us with the first 10 pages of your manuscript, your total word count, and the type of service(s) you're interested in.  


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"Thank you, Allison, for your thorough proofing of the manuscript. It says a lot about your care, character, and what your business stands for. Ultimately, you have done a surprisingly efficient and wonderful first time job with book formatting, worth celebrating! ​It has meant a lot to me to work with a team that I could rely upon to care about the details as much as I did, especially when things got tough."
-Shereen Lim, Author of Breathe, Sleep, Thrive

Meet your Lead Editor:


Allison Buehner:


Allison is our in-house editor for Burning Soul Collective authors, and she's been with the company since December 2020. She is passionate about the structure and strategy of language within the complexities of storytelling and takes pride in her nickname “the walking thesaurus”.

She loves making sure an author's message is shared with the reader in the most meaningful way, and always digs in to question "what else" to ensure your readers cherish your book for all time.

Want a quote? Email us!
"Lauren and the team at Burning Soul Collective have reminded me that I am far more capable than I think I am. We all are! You just need that drive and someone amazing like Lauren cheering you on and guiding you along your journey."
-Jennifer Hobbs, Author of Calmed.

“I am so thankful to be fortunate enough to secure Allison as an editor for my memoir. Her professionalism, attention to detail, and dedication to the project were more than I could have asked for. She made sure that every phrase was crafted for maximum impact, ensuring that I conveyed my message clearly and effectively to readers.

​Allison is an amazing editor and truly cares about her client's work and the messages they are sending to readers. She does whatever it takes to ensure that you are satisfied with the final product. If you're looking for an editor who will provide you with the best possible editing services, then I highly recommend Allison Buehner.

​The bonus; Allison is an amazing person just to meet in addition to being a great editor."

-Kenneth Nixon, Author of "Born Into Crisis"

“Writing your first book can be both wonderful and intimidating. Are you getting your message across? Are you using the same phrases and wording too often? Is your spacing right?  The list of worries is endless. Unless you are fortunate enough to have Allison on your team! Her ability to hear your voice in your storytelling is her biggest strength. She then edits with amazing talent to make sure all those fears are taken care of. I loved the word and phrase changes she made in “Walk with Me”!

She has an endless vocabulary in her beautiful mind and worked hard to make sure the flow of my message came across. She’s not afraid to ask questions or request more detail. Some things within my story which seemed obvious to me because it was my story now have deeper meaning to more readers because of her diligence. You need Allison as part of your book writing adventure!"

-Nita Kennedy, Author of "Walk With Me"