10 Signs You Should Write Your Book

lauren eckhardt writing Sep 08, 2020
10 Signs You Should Write Your Book by Lauren Eckhardt Burning Soul Press

10 Signs You Should Write Your Book - are you ready?

1. You’re constantly pinged with new ideas.⁠

2. People tell you, “You should write a book.”⁠

3. When you were a child, you wanted to be an author.⁠

4. You wish there was a book out there that _________ [fill in the blank]. (If it doesn’t exist, you should write it.)⁠

5. You have a new twist on a story that already exists. (Like “50 Shades of Grey” did with “Twilight or “The Lunar Chronicles” did with classic fairytales like Cinderella.)⁠

6. You have a unique framework you apply in courses, workshops and coaching. (Your book is basically already written then.)⁠

7. You are constantly posting insightful pieces on social media via posts or videos. (Compile those- your book probably has a better start than you realize.)⁠

8. You have an incredible story that you know will help people if they heard it.⁠

9. You started a book ten years ago and just never finished it. (Try re-reading it. You may actually see how good it is now.)⁠

10. You’re reading this article wondering if you should write a book. (YES)⁠


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