Stop Comparing Your Book to Others

lauren eckhardt writing Oct 13, 2020
Stop Comparing Your Book to Others by Lauren Eckhardt Burning Soul Press

Stop comparing your book to others.

The fear that your book isn’t as good as another person’s is wasted energy.⁠

There is no competition.⁠

Your author voice- your unique delivery and blend of your experiences, thoughts, perspective, emotions, heart, and soul- is enough to make it different.⁠

Also, even if there was a comparison, the beauty of the book world is that there is not the competition you have with other products.⁠

People don’t just buy one book and they’re done. They buy a book. Then another. Then another. Then another.⁠

That’s why authors can support each other so genuinely and passionately.⁠

We want more stories in the world.⁠

There’s room for your story, my story, and everyone else’s too. ❤️⁠

-Lauren Eckhardt


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