10 Work From Anywhere Jobs for Book Lovers

book lover lauren eckhardt writing Aug 07, 2020
10 Work From Anywhere Jobs for Book Lovers by Lauren Eckhardt Burning Soul Press

Even if you’re not a writer and just love books, here are 10 work from anywhere jobs that are perfect for readers like you to earn extra money simply doing what you love:⁠

🔥 1.) Audiobook Narration – bring written books to life through your voice (check out Findaway Voices and ACX)⁠

🔥 2.) Book Translator – convert books to a new language (you can offer your service on Fiverr or Upwork)⁠

🔥 3.) Book Reviewer – get paid to review books (places like Kirkus, The US Review, and Online Book Club will offer to pay for reviews that meet their standards)⁠

🔥 4.) Book Cover Designer – Offer your premade designs for sale on marketplaces like thebookcoverdesigner.com or provide custom services.⁠

🔥 5.) Virtual Book Tour Organizer – If you’re connected with a lot of book bloggers and bookstagrammers, offer to help authors organize virtual book tours to promote their books!⁠

🔥 6.) Author Social Media Management – do you have a knack for social media growth? You could help many authors get their books into the hands of the right readers by managing their social media accounts.⁠

🔥 7.) Book Layout Designer – the layout of a book can really make a difference and more writers (especially those in the fantasy genres) are becoming more creative with how the inside of their book is designed– maps, drawings, images, and more! Help bring their story to life!⁠

🔥 8.) Author Branding/Website Design – Many authors need a website and don’t want to spend the energy creating (and maintaining) one themselves. You can also help them shape their brand, design their logos/bookmarks/merch, etc.⁠

🔥 9.) Editing/Proofreading – Especially perfect for those who are detailed-oriented. Every book needs to be professionally edited and proofread. Offer your services on Fiverr or Upwork, or join indie author groups on Facebook to connect with authors.⁠

🔥 10.) Author Personal Assistant – If you’re familiar with the backend of the author world and organized, you could help an author extend their reach and support them as they write more books.⁠

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