New Year, New Goals

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Isn’t there just something about the end of a year and the prospect of a new one that opens the door for reflection? For me, January 1 always feels significant. It’s the line in the sand, drawn between the past and the future. A new year invites awareness, new goals, new thinking, and an opportunity to reflect.

I’ve been a writer all my life, specializing in journalism and public relations. My focus has always been on strategy and writing with the audience in mind. Then the pandemic jarred my routine and I found myself dabbling in creative writing. I stepped outside my comfort zone and learned that I adored the freedom of writing for fun – and not for a specific purpose.   

As a college professor, I’m always an advocate for goal setting, professional development, and activities that help apply content, assist with understanding, and allow for reflection. Every year I engage in a reflection and goal setting exercise, but this year I tweaked it to focus solely on my writing goals and newfound passion for the creative.

I invite and challenge you to join in along with me and plot out 2023 with your writing in mind.   

Start with a piece of paper and draw in four circles. In each circle, write:   

  • Writing goals I want to accomplish
  • New things I want to try
  • What I need to stay motivated   
  • Who will support me?   

Aside each circle, map out as many answers you want—remember, they’re your goals! But also keep in mind that Burning Soul Collective is here to help you make your author dreams come true. When you map out each goal for 2023, we’re along for the ride—ready to hold you accountable and make sure you check off each milestone. For example:

  • Writing goals I want to accomplish
    • Cover to Cover. How to Write & Share Your Story Workshop (FREE!): Will you become an author in 2023? Writing, publishing, and promoting a book is not intuitive, but if you follow the formula, you can't miss. Lauren Eckhardt, CEO of Burning Soul Collective, will share her insights and a high-level overview of the author journey so you feel prepared.
  • New things I want to try
    • 30 Day Writing Challenge: To the writer who knows they are ready to write their book, we're challenging you to 30 days of thoughtful, meaningful, and powerful writing. No other program will push you to write (and maybe finish) your book with as much soul as your reader and your legacy deserves. It's time to put pen to paper and finally write the story you were born to share. Take the challenge today!
  • What I need to stay motivated
    • The Soulful Author Journey: For those ready to share their message or powerful story with the world and receive step-by-step guidance to fulfill their vision of writing a book, this is the most comprehensive program we have that will help you jump into the author life with confidence.
  • Who will support me? 
    • The Soul Writer Society: Where writing doesn't have to be for anyone else other than you. The Society is a safe space for writers to bare their souls, whether for others, or just for themselves. It provides an opportunity to connect with other writers, dive deeper into their writing, embrace their unique voice and authenticity, improve in the craft of writing, and share their writing for impact, if they so choose.

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2023! Here at Burning Soul Collective, we’re ready to reach our goals. Are you?  


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