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You're our community. We wouldn't be here without you. It's only right that you prosper alongside us when you share your love of Burning Soul Collective. 

Burning Soul Collective is fueled by writers and creatives using their stories, words, and talent to change the world. We help capture your experiences, perspectives, knowledge, transformations, revelations, and growth to empower others who need to hear your story the most. We specialize in book coaching, ghostwriting, and publishing to support changemakers on their author journey.

Our mission is simple: We believe everyone's story is worthy of being written and recorded because our time here matters. For us, it's about letting that burning soul within free, allowing ourselves to be seen and heard for who we truly are, trusting our authenticity is enough—believing that we are enough. 

But you already know this, because you're part of our growing community. That's why we'd love to have become an affiliate and get PAID for sharing us with your friends, family, and peers. 


What does it mean to become an affiliate?

As an affiliate for Burning Soul Collective, you'll have the opportunity to earn commission on purchases made through your unique affiliate link. 

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BSC Programs for Affiliate Promotion


30 Day Writing Challenge 

30 days of thought-provoking and inspiring writing prompts that will push writers to reflect and think deeply about their message and impact - something all authors need to write a powerful nonfiction book.

Monthly Author Playbook

Delivered monthly in a manageable action list, authors receive 12 months of new ideas, strategies, and tools, supporting ongoing learning and improvement and removing the pressure off of your planning including 365 social media ideas, public relations tips and strategies, monthly author newsletter suggestions, and more!

The Soulful Author Journey

A comprehensive program for aspiring authors who want to finally write and finish their book—and learn what to do after it's written. This is our small group coaching program over the course of 16 weeks where we coach authors through writing their book and provide course material for book publishing and promotion.

Soul Writer Society 

The Soul Writer Society is a collective for writers at any stage of their journey, providing an opportunity to connect with other writers, dive deeper into their writing, embrace their unique voice and authenticity, improve in the craft of writing, and share their writing for impact, if they so choose






Kickback Breakdown


40% - up to $59

on the 30 Day Writing Challenge and Monthly Author Playbook.

15% - up to $50

on the Soul Writer Society 

10% - up to $600

on The Soulful Author Journey.





What makes a great affiliate?


Follow us on social! The first step is following us online so you can stay up-to-date with our announcements and offerings

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Leverage your own social media. Social media posts shared with your network is a great way to share your unique affiliate links with everyone, because you never know who may be interested in writing if they haven't told you yet. You can share programs like the Soulful Author Journey when we're open for the next cohort, or you can share your personal experience working with us. 

Send personal messages. If you know of anyone personally who would be a great fit for one of our programs, send them a personal message and share why the program would be such a good fit for them! That is always the most effective way to reach people who could benefit from our programs.


How do I get my kickback?

Payouts will be processed 30-45 days after the program the customer signs up for begins via PayPal.

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