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Develop your very own PR strategy with proven public relations techniques.


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It shouldn't be difficult to share your story with the world.

You're a writer, a storyteller, a poet, a visionary, a changemaker, and so much more. You're not expected to have "Public Relations professional" on your resume.

 ...but it would come in handy.

You're ready to share your book with the world, you just need guidance and the insurance that you're taking the right steps.

We've taken the proven tactics and strategies we have found works for our best-selling authors at Burning Soul Press, and compiled them into a detailed resource for authors, like you, to take advantage of.

The PR for Authors workbook and course bundle can help you

  • Avoid countless hours of research and trial and error by being handed the proven strategies and techniques that have worked time and again for multiple best-selling authors
  • Learn about author-specific public relations efforts and processes
  • Understand how to leverage different tactics to reach YOUR readers
  • Develop your very own PR strategy, and share your message with confidence to the right audiences 


purchase the course + workbook for only $67

The course is wholly online, and includes educational video tutorials from the Burning Soul Pres team, with linked external and Burning Soul Press developed resources. The workbook includes your own task lists and sections to build your PR strategy within the pages, whether on your computer or printed out, along with a bonus: interview tips by platform. 

What's Inside: 

P. 3 - An overview of public relations and a checklist for your PR tasks
P. 4 - Goal setting guidance and a place to map out your vision to set the stage for your PR strategy
P. 6 - Identifying your niche topics, critical in strategic decisions surrounding your  plan
P. 7 - Foundational tools and assets needed for author recognition and directing readers for book sales
P. 9 - Step-by-step instructions for building your press kit, complete with a tutorial to create your own
P. 10 - Insight on building your media list and identifying the mediums you will be active on to reach your readers
P. 12 - Step-by-step instructions for writing your media list, complete with a template to craft your own
P. 15 - Interview tips itemized by medium: TV, Newspaper, Radio, Podcast, YouTube
P. 17 - Step-by-step instructions for writing your press release, complete with a template to craft your own
P. 19 - Guidance on entering writing contests and submitting for awards, including an ongoing list of active contests to apply for
P. 21 - Tips for partnering with organization for bulk sales, increasing revenue from your book

Throughout the workbook,  there are several sections to take notes, create your own lists, check off your tasks, and personalize YOUR PR plan. 

Sample Pages: 

The world needs your story.
Everything you do as an author revolves around your desire to share your story and spread your mission far and wide.

Your step-by-step guide to crushing your book PR includes: 

  • task lists for each project, complete with a personal checklist
  • video tutorials featuring the expert Burning Soul Press team members who created the course and workbook
  • proven strategies and tactics developed by the Burning Soul Press team and used with our very own authors to become a #1 best seller
  • resources with compiled research and email + image design templates created for YOU to provide you with a launching pad so you don't have to start from scratch
  • guidance and tutorials on necessary platforms and processes for your PR strategy so you get the most out of your time & energy 
  • a clear path to reaching your readers, getting your book the exposure it deserves, and making the impact you dreamt of 
Purchase the course & workbook for $67


The Proof is in the Authors who used these exact strategies & templates to launch to best-selling authors.