30 Day Writing Challenge:

Write Your Nonfiction Book 

It's time to put pen to paper and finally write your book.

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Kickstart Your Nonfiction Book! 

Accept the 30 Day Writing Challenge, and in just one month, you'll be more connected and
committed to your writing than ever before. 


You're ready to share your story and make an impact, but you need

✔ to make your book a priority,

✔ accountability to reach your writing goals,

✔  to dig deeper than you could alone, and

✔ guidance to feel confident in writing a book.

Authors who actually publish their book are not an accident, they commit time to writing and invest in honing their skills.

To the writer who knows they are ready to write their book: 

We're challenging you to 30 days of thoughtful, meaningful, and powerful writing.

 No other program will push you to write (and maybe finish) you book with as much soul as your reader and your legacy deserves. 


"The 30 Day Writing Challenge was exactly the jumpstart I needed to get my book started. My thoughts and ideas have been sitting on a shelf for over seven years! By signing up for this challenge, it gave me the permission to make this book a priority and take a little action every day. Lauren provided daily messages and prompts to keep the ball rolling. I set a goal of getting my first draft completed in 30 days and it happened! As a busy working mom, I would have never gotten this far without Burning Soul Collective."

-Emily Jacobs, author of Live Your Life for You (Not Your Mom)

When you accept the 30 Day Writing Challenge, you 

  • are guided through 30 days of prompts and guidance that will help you to dig deep and combat your writers block.
  • receive daily accountability checks that will keep you focused - you will have to actively FIGHT to "forget" about writing your book!
  • join a community of passionate authors pursuing their dreams to make an impact - supporting each other along the way.
  • get lifetime access to our 30 Day Writing Challenge course, so if you ever need another reset or recommitment, we're right here. 
  • can finally write (and finish!) your book, whether it's a memoir, inspirational, or self-help. For you first, then for the world, if you choose.

Think about it this way, you can do ANYTHING for 30 days. All you need to commit to this challenge is 30-60 minutes per day. That's it! That's less than 5% of your day!
You know you can do this. 

We aren't pushing you to complete your book in under 30 days just to get it down on paper and wipe your hands of it. No, we're are challenging and encouraging you to commit to yourself, your story, and your message. We're challenging you to dive deep within yourself and write the most powerful nonfiction book you've ever published. Our Challenge is designed by award-winning and bestselling author, Lauren Eckhardt - Founder & CEO of Burning Soul Collective. Read on to see how using her special framework will help you write with intention and be proud of your work. 

"Lauren and her passion for Burning Soul Collective came my way right when I needed it most. Having abandoned my writing for the bulk of sixteen years, when I decided to get back to it, I had no idea what I was doing. I knew my heart was calling me to do it and then, BOOM, life sends me the fuel I needed to add to my fire. Lauren and the team at Burning Soul Collective have reminded me  that I am far more capable than I think I am. We all are! You just need that drive and someone amazing like Lauren cheering you on and guiding you along your journey."

- Jennifer Hobbs, Author of Calmed.

You are ready to set & crush your goals!

If you're truly ready to share your story with the world, it's time to commit.
We'll help you get a head start: when you sign up to take the 30 Day Writing Challenge,
you can get free access to our Knowing Your Why Guide so you can prioritize your passion and your purpose

I'm ready to rise to the Challenge & crush my goals!

You see, there is only one way to write your book. To sit down, commit, and WRITE.

So often, as writers, we feel like we are facing a giant wall we just can't get over when we look at that blank page, whether we're starting at the beginning, picking up after months of hiatus, or wondering how we'll ever finish with so many other priorities in our lives. So, when our authors ask, "How am I supposed to write a whole book?", our answer is ONE. DAY. AT. A. TIME.

Would it make a difference if you had a reminder to remain focused on your writing goals - every day? Beyond just a note at the bottom of your never-ending to-do list. Imagine if you could sit down at your desk without the fear of "Where do I start?" or "What do I write?" even if you've never written a book or published a book before in your life!

No more overwhelm. 

No more "I'll start tomorrow".

And you could make significant progress in as little as 30-60 minutes a day. 

Well, you don't have to "imagine" any longer, because it's here. 


The 30 Day Writing Challenge: 
Write Your Nonfiction Book

Our 30 Day Writing Challenge will make it difficult to ignore your passion for writing and help you dig deep to strengthen your storytelling...
or your money back! 

  1. 30 days of thought-provoking and inspiring writing prompts that will push you to reflect and think deeply about your message and your impact that all authors need to write a powerful nonfiction book.
  2. A reminder each day sent straight to your inbox, alerting you the next prompt is open, making it difficult to ignore your commitment and keep you on track (a level of accountability we all need sometimes!).
  3. A special discount off our Soulful Author Journey, only available to those who sign up for the Challenge - $200 in savings!
  4. The opportunity to connect with fellow passionate writers working through the Challenge with you, growing in their writing with you.
Click here to accept the Challenge and commit to your writing!

"I had so much fun creating this Challenge. I created this for both aspiring and career authors who need to write with purpose and have an accountability structure that keeps them writing - because that's the only way our books will ever be finished. I pulled this content together from three different places: 

  1. One of my all-time favorite workshops: From Blank Pages to Writing Machine

  2. What I needed to hear and learn about myself as an author. It took me ten years to write my first book. My second? 30 days.

  3. What my clients have needed (which has been different from me!) as I coached them through writing their powerful nonfiction books. 

I can't wait for you to take this Challenge and reacquaint yourself with your writing and with your message. The world needs to hear your story, and I promise once you truly commit, it'll be harder to stop than to keep going."

-Lauren Eckhardt, award-winning and bestselling author and ghostwriter, and Founder & CEO of Burning Soul Collective

P.S. - if you're interested in participating in our From Blank Pages to Writing Machine workshop, we're bringing it back ONE TIME this year, August 30-September 2, and you can register here

Don't just take it from us:

Lauren and her team are helpful, knowledgeable and passionate about supporting writers to reach their goals and succeed. Lauren teaches the tools and skills to support your writing journey in a natural, accessible and truly inspiring way! I made the necessary changes and recommitted to the book that I’ve been ‘thinking about’ and ‘dabbling with’ writing for a decade now – I feel confident that I’ll finish my book (and possibly many more) with the inspiration, support, accountability and structure that Lauren and her team at Burning Soul Collective offer.

-Liz Witherspoon


Here's how it works:

Each day, you will receive a message that a new module has been opened in your 30 Day Writing Challenge. You will log into your portal to view the day's module. 

Every day, Lauren will share her insights into the writing process (and how it can be different for every writer). You'll begin understanding yourself as a writer: the way you prefer to write, how you set goals you can hold yourself to, and what you value most in your writing. She will help you lean into your unique strengths (because we're not in the business of creating robots or assuming one-size-fits-all with any writing techniques). These lessons are brief, but packed with helpful guidance - don't worry, we know you're here to write, not read!

Once you've completed the lesson for the day, you'll be given a homework assignment: writing prompts that will provoke thought and help you dive deep into the stories you are writing on the page. These lessons and prompts are a culmination of the advice and guidance she's given to the hundreds of writers and authors she has worked with. She's packed in what she's learned all authors need to work through to create a truly impactful book. 

Accept the Challenge

Commit to your story. Don't lose another moment to pursue your passion.